I am a creative technologist, designer, artist and programmer working across the extended-reality spectrum to explore different kinds of human experience and our connection to nature. I find it infinitely fascinating turning my imagination into reality using the miracle that is modern technology.

I’ve been working with extended reality devices since 2013, first as an independent creative coder, then at Liminal VR, a startup I co-founded. More recently I’ve been working as a freelancer and independent artist on a mixture of my own explorative projects and collaborative artworks.

My work has been exhibited at festivals around Australia including BuzzConf, The Town and Burning Seed, as well as had work featured at the Melbourne International Film Festival and the Museum of Other Realities.

I teach virtual, augmented and mixed reality design at Academy Xi in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia, and have spoken about VR, AR and the future at Unite, Academy Xi, SAE Institute and others.

(I’m open to contract work!)